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Wednesday, 19 June 2013

RIP, Weezer

10 Dec 1999 - 18 Jun 2013

1 or 2 months ago, Weezer was down with cough and finally got better 2 -3 weeks ago with better appetite. Just few days back, she was stealing my bread and messing up my wardrobe. 

2 days ago, her cough is back again due to the haze. Yesterday her breathing was heavy and her cough gets worst till she collapse & could not stand up. BIL quickly brought her to the vet and they did a blood test for her but found everything was normal, except for very weak lung. Vet advised sending her to hospital for x-ray to see if it's due water built up or lung cancer/tumor. If it's water built-up, it can be easily be drawn out. If  it's the later, there's nothing much we can do but let her be. 

BIL then brought her home and she immediately limp her way to hide under the cabinet. BIL slightly pull her out of the cabinet, then went ahead to call the hospital to make the necessary arrangement. Just as he finished making the necessary arrangement with the hospital, Weezer left! 

It all happened too fast! She was home only for an hour. While home, her breathing was hard & she left almost immediately after I turned off the light. 

Damien was too young to understand and he just goes on & on & on "Weezer die already. Weezer die already. Weezer die already." Daryl on the other hand was in deep sleep when Weezer left, so BIL forcefully woke him up to say goodbye. He was slightly zombie when he says goodbye to Weezer.

While the boys bids Weezer farewell, sis called the Pet Cremation Company to make arrangement for Weezer to be picked up by them. Sis engaged Tengoku Pet Cremation for cremating Weezer as they have crew who is on standby 24 hours on all days! Their crew came within an hour to pick-up Weezer and arranged for a private cremation at 9am this morning and the guy told us to be there by 8.45am so that we can spend some time with Weezer before she's being cremated. 

A very short video of Weezer breathing hard before she left.

Weezer is 13 Years 6 Months 4 Day when she left us

No doubt, sis is the one who shed the most tears. My tears also flow non-stop (*even till now as I was writing this entry, my tears starting flowing again)

Tengoku crew gently lifted Weezer from the floor and put her in the box, covered her with a white cloth & lid of box, and brought her away!

Needless to say, we were all there this morning to bid Weezer goodbye for the last time

Last few pictures of Weezer before she is being sent for cremation

Before we knew it, Weezer is being sent in for cremation! 

Entire cremation process takes 2 hours and we can collect Weezer's remains on the spot. (Delivery of remains to home is also available) The whole package cost $380. We paid additional $28 for the bigger urn to put in Weezer's remains. A certificate was also given to us

Back home, when I open up the urn, I was surprised to find bones instead of just ashes. 

Part of Weezer's teeth

And part of Weezer's limbs

RIP Weezer

You'll be deeply missed. I hope you'll be happy over the Rainbow Bridge!

Thank You for the wonderful 13 Years 6 Months 4 Days! 

On a side note, Weezer is 13 Years 6 Months 4 Days in Dog Years, so that makes her about 80 Human Years!

On a lighter note, I saw a Butterfly growing on top of the new turtle while on my way out to dentist. I whatsapp sis the picture with a lame message "Old people say human turns into Moth after deceased, does this means Weezer turns into Butterfly after she deceased?" She replied "Doug says the same thing too!" 

Weezer, be good ok? I hope you're in good hands now! 

Once again, RIP Weezer

Tengoku Pet Cremation
11 Pasir Ris Farmway 2, 
Singapore 519326
Tel: 6749 5039  (By appointment only)

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