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Friday, 8 April 2016

海底撈 Hai Di Lao | Surprise Dinner for MamaGina

Gina is leaving on a jet plane in a few day's time to a very beautiful castle in Shanghai, China. In case you're wondering, yesh... she's leaving Singapore to be a Theater Manager in Disneyland Shanghai, China! 

Thus. Dion planned for a surprised dinner at 海底撈  with Gina & roped all the cousins into her plan. 
I managed to finish work on time, so Amy drove by my office to pick me up before picking Joy & YaozhongCrowd at 7 pm was mad & thanks to Dion, we managed to get a seat by 6.30 pm!Choice of soup base is mala & tomato soup, thus, both are red =DDion requested for the special HDL sauceWhich has some beans, mince meat, sauce & stuffsNeedless to say, lots of ingredients ordered since there are 10 of us!Let's take a wefie first before Gina arrivesThe drink cup is too small, so myself & Dion requested for a bigger glassWhack arh!Oh Hi, Gina! 
She came right after we started eating & ok, we managed to spring a little surprise for her & she was caught a little off guard
Then we got the staff to help us snap a group pictureAnd the craziness/ wefie continues!Dion jokingly told the staff they liked the tidbits & the staff went to pack 8 packets of the tidbits for us!OMG.. and it's my favorite potato snack!We are like a bunch of happy kids!It was fun & great to meet up with the cousins for dinner & hopefully we can do more of such dinner session in futureTo Gina: I hope you had fun in your new castle & all the best to you! 

海底撈 Hai Di Lao
Somerset 313
313 Orchard Road #04-23/24
Singapore 238895
Tel: 6835 7227/ 6835 7337
Operating Hours: 10:30 am - 6 am

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