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Monday, 18 April 2016

🌷 Tulipmania 2016

Yoohoo ~ 🌷Tulipmania is back for the 4th year at Gardens by the Bay!
I was on leave to collect passport & to have lunch with le bff. After which, I decide to pop by Gardens by the Bay to view these pretty babies. As usual, I took the shuttle service to avoid the hot sun!Yes, now on till 22 May 16So ... ... enjoy the pictures ;) I love these pink ones but a little too far inside
My love for yellow Tulips still remains after so many years!Some are yet to bloom. Or probably these are on standby to replace once those from first batch has withered.

This year they brought in more variants of Tulips but overall a smaller scale of display area it seems. Nevertheless, it was still great to see these beauties in our sunny island again. 
Oh yea, there are still a couple of spill over of Sakura in the gardens when I went early this week. 
For those who have not visited, make a trip down soon! 

Once again.. Thank you, Gardens by the Bay for bringing the Tulips into our sunny island!  

Gardens by the Bay
18 Marina Gardens Drive
Singapore 018953

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