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Saturday, 14 February 2015

Reunion + Farewell Lunch in Office

The colleagues have been talking about doing steamboat in office since last year but cos the rice cooker and the other cooker for steamboat is very dirty ever since we shifted to Changi, we dropped the idea. Then it crossed my mind that I have an induction cooker at home, so I offered to bring it.
Andy immediately sponsored 2 cans of abalone upon hearing our planSince we have one-way transport from Jurong to Changi in the morning, we decided to buy the stuffs in the morning. However, we only have about 15 mins before the transport comes, we splitted into 3 days to buy  the stuffs. These are what we bought on day 1Stuffs bought on day 2 are frozen itemsLastly, vegetables on day 3, which is the actual day of steamboatMy induction cookerWe immediately set the table & started boiling the quail eggs right after the warehouse guys finished their tea-break at 10 am. I also bought table cloth from DaisoI'm appointed to get all stuffs prepared cos my work load is considered lightest from 11 am -12 pm, so.. ...  I'm in apron, running in/out pantry & desk till boss is ready to take over me at 10.30 am. OK, go prepare nowGrass jelly & longan for dessert. Seriously, I don't quite get why they wanted to add pineapple too. Personally, I don't like cos the sourness of the water in pineapple can musk all the sweetness of the water from longan can. Feels a little weird to meWith some help from Catherine whom finishes her work fast, we're all set for lunch! Wefie while waiting for the rest to come3 of the warehouse personnel joining at the eleventh hour, I got them to buy YuSheng since we have already calculated the cost and it's a little too much hassle to recalculateIt's funny how none of the colleagues likes yusheng. More than half the yusheng seen here was thrown away =(Andy also bought Swensen's ice cream cake for Carol's farewellSo yes, finally done with steamboat after talking about it for a year. And also, farewell for Carol. Carol bought us muffins from McCafe as farewell breakfast for usAnd because we bought too much food, we're having round 2 the next day =D 

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