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Friday, 20 February 2015

Bits & Pieces to Welcome the Year of Goat

Oh yeah ~ The Year of Goat is just round the corner and just like last year, I prepared some CNY goodies for the family.
As I recently bought an airfryer online, I decide to make the crabsticks by airfrying so there is no need to leave them over night for air-drying before frying them.Very tedious lah I would say., and honestly . it took kind of long to airfry them.. and, 10 packets of crabsticks only made this much. BTW, in case you need to know, I airfried them at 160C, at 20 mins cos I do quite a lot per batch =DAnother item on the list is Seaweed Popiah.And Sugared Popiah. Deep frying them is easy, but preparing them is tough. It took me & the maid 6 hours in total to do a total of 7 packets of popian skin (50pc/packet)!I also tried to do popiah skin with pork floss cos I saw some people posted the temperature & timing in the Mayer airfryer fb group It was mentioned to airfry them at 200C, 20 minsBut mine was burnt inside =D so, I didn't continue doing themThe maid also airfried lotus root using the same temperature & timing as crabsticks. Not bad leh.. quite crispy, but a little bland. Thus, the maid added some salt on her next batch. Last item on the list is Pineapple Tarts (some with salted egg yolk)I tried using airfryer to bake some & it turns out pretty good. Those with cloves on top are with salted egg yolkSurprisingly, those that came out from airfryer looks better than those from the oven (on the left)2 batches of recipe made about 110 pieces =DOn the day before CNY eve, company gave out 收工红包 & Catherine (Customer) also gave boss a tub of Pineapple tart from LE Confectionery, and so he gave us 1 piece eachHome from work on CNY eve, the maid has finally put all the stuffs on the pool table away & had lay out all the CNY goodiesI've also changed a new set of bedsheets but my buys for CNY is a whole load of mess on the bed =DAfter helping sis in preparing the dinner, I went back to sort out the messBought for the boys underwears & pajamas from H&M. Both pajamas are in same design. Only the underwears are differentFrostie also jumoed on the bed cos it's new bedsheets. She has to be the first one to use .. lolAnd yes, time to DIY the nails after dinner, before the clock strikes 11 pmSigh.. should have used the gold on 4 fingers & red on the ring finger. I couldn't use much of the stickers cos the graphics can't be seen clearly cos if the colors =(When done with the nails, I quickly move my arse to shower before 11 pm. Sleep wear, undies & toels ae in different shades of green cos my lucky color this year is supposed to be green. So yes, now you know I'm born in the year of which zodiac =DMask & eye patch after shower to Welcome the year =D 

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