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Sunday, 1 February 2015

CCSS-ian meets for supper

CCSS-ian's first meet-up in 2015 =) ELoo suggested going for collagen input, and suggested Beauty In The Pot at the new 1KM 
While waiting for them to arrive, I went to grab a cuppa KFC froyo
Then we head to Beauty In The Pot when everyone arrives, but... ... it was full and the waiting list is at least 1.5 hours! Thus, we put out names in the waiting list, then head to milk & honey for dessert while waitingApart from the recommended Parfaits, you can also design your ownWe decide not to be too ambitious & go for the standard ones - Chocolate Divine & Mango. Personally, there's nothing to rave about it except for being a little more photogenic. I find it a little sourish & it has a weird aftermath in the mouthWe went back to Beauty In The Pot an hour later and were told that the wait is another 1.5 hrs more! OMG!No way we're going to wait anymore. Thus, we changed venue to Sin Heng Claypot Bak Koot Teh since it's not very far awaySalted vegetable is salty but blandChaipo egg, terribly oilyTrotterSignature Bak Koot TehDry-styled bak koot teh with sliced porkClaypot with kidney & pig stomach in that same soup as the signature bak koot teh. Soup is pretty good, not too peppery, but the pig stomach is a bit over-cooked when served. Refilling of soup also take them awhile to get it done.Sadly, they don't served braised egg, beancurd, intestines & stuffs. The staff even commented that I must be from Hong Kong, else I won't be asking for braised stuffs. WTH?! Not coming here again~! Not a very satisfying supper, so we went for more =DHaha.. while gossiping.. ... a smiley face with my double chocolate frappe =)

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