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Monday, 23 February 2015

正月初四 (iii) ☆ Kogu 家

ATeam's yearly CNY affair!

After movie with Ivy & Angela, I head over to Kogu's hose (ATeam HQ) cos there's Lion Dance performance at 5 pm!
Yes, if you've watched NDP2014, you'll find the guy in red familiar. He's none other than Ebi Shankara, one of the host for NDP2014I bought McDonald's Happy Meals for the boys cos they wanted the toy =DWoohoo~ Taman Jurong CC Juboon Dragon & Lion Dance Troupe is hereSurprisingly, this year, there's 2 lionsWah.. and a Goat mascot! 

wahaha... I got a shock when the veggie from the Lion hit me =D
Kogu & family, wishing you guys a prosperous year ahead. Huat arh! Thanks for being an awesome host for the past 8 years & looking for many awesome gatherings =)Group picture!Ok, sneaking off to meet the ex-McDonald's Clementi peeps at Janice's place firstBack from Janice's place, another round of steamboat!Indian being Indian, eats everything with hands, including steam fish =D Silly Nizam, showing his love to his girlfriend who is away at the CanadaResting a little while waiting to louheiHello RianWoo~ first time an Indian preparing yusheng for louheiJenny decided to add one can of abalone to the yusheng cos she finds the fish too little The ah neh who prepared the louhei =D .. btw, he's opening a vegetable stall at Bedok 58 Marketplace. Do give him some support of you're staying around the vicinityHuat arh! Of cos, angbaos from the host!
Lastly... ... mahjong! 

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