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Tuesday, 9 May 2017

555 Villa Thai | Kuang's Promotional Treat

Eve of public holiday and Kuang who just got promoted wants to treat us for dinner, we went 555 Villa Thai
Tuk Tuk at the entrance for photo opportunityLive Band plays dailyBeer glass so tiny.. hahaWe opt for the traditional mookata potBut it proves to be rather difficult cod of the shape, so we change to double deck pot with the top layer being flat & more soup for bottom layerWe also order the signature fried fishWhile the beer glass is so tiny, glass for Thai Iced Tea is huge =DBut small case lah.. cos I have huge water tank!Today's band is pretty good. They can sing multiple language! 
Cozy venue for dinner meet-up but a little out of place if you do not drive.

555 Villa Thai
30 Cosford Rd, 
Singapore 499550
Tel: 9771 5210
Operating Hours: 5 pm – 1 am

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