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Saturday, 28 May 2016

Batam Trip w/ATeam | Day 1

It's been a year since the last Batam trip & this year, another one was planned to celebrate the little big one's birthday again.
This time, we're travelling with Majestic Fast FerryUpon reaching, we immediately went to secure our return ticketsTaking taxi to Villa Panbil & erm.. .. check out the internal of the taxi =DHere we are, at ATeam HQ3. It's also Kogu's home away from home.Getting ready to hit the clubhouse after putting our things down.On the way to the clubhouse, saw this little rabbit from one of the neighborPool area is very huge, almost half the area of clubhouse. Ordered some finger food to munch while waiting for everyone to be readyHeading out for quick shopping before dinnerWent Mega Mall for a quick shopping but nothing much to shop, so Angela & myself went to check out this yogurt kioskHappy Cone Black SakuraQuite yummy the black yogurt. About S$3 for a cone with 2 toppings (fruits/ sauce)Dinner is at Red Crab Cafe & RestoWahaha.. the quote on the wall is so me!Buah-long-long drink. It's not as good as the one I had in JB. This is kind of bitterSweet & Sour Chicken.Salted Egg Long Bean is quite yummy. Long bean is coated & fried before coating with salted egg sauceSalted Egg Chicken. We ordered 2 plates of every item and one of the plate for this has more four than chicken on it, but the salted egg sauce was pretty goodShark's fin soup. One bowl for everyoneCereal Prawn. Food ain't fantastic & service has quite a huuge room for improvement.Went back home and head over to clubhouse again to meet up with DavidHello, David! Finally we met at Batam.Banana fritters & pizzaSupper, one hour after dinner =D

Time to head home & rest for the night as it's a long day ahead the next day!

Red Crab cafe & resto
Komp. Rejeki Graha Mas 
Blok A No. 17-20, Sei Panas, 
Batam, Indonesia
(Besides Edukits Stationary Store Sei Panas)
Tel: +62 778 473 122
Mon – Sun: 11.00 am – 10.00 pm

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