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Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Latitude Bistro | His 7th, Their 8th

Impromptu dinner date with the AFamily at Latitude Bistro cos it's a day of celebration.  

Keeren turns 7 on his parent's 8th wedding annversary
It's been a long time since they had a couple photoThe birthday boy who turns 7 and only eats selected itemThe boy who eats almost everythingWefie before we start feastingAs usual, we had the semi buffet. Seafood selection from the buffet counterSalad & soupFor main course, I choose Sirloin steak which comes with mashed potato & saute vegetables More from the buffet counterDesserts from buffet counter tooAlamak.. someone photobomb us!Ok, one with the kiddos!Cake for the little oneHappy 7th birthday, Keeren & Happy 8th wedding anniversary, Kogu & JennyBoth his super grandmaHis bear uncleHelper auntyNizam, his #1 favorite ATeam uncleMe, his #1 favorite ATeam auntyOnce again.. Happy 7th Birthday, Keeren & Happy 8th Wedding Anniversary, Kogu & Max

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