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Saturday, 28 May 2016

Chef's Noodle | Lunch w/Angela

Quick lunch with Angela at Chef's Noodle before meeting Kogu, Jenny's brothers & sister at ferry terminal for our trip to Batam 
Ice plum teaWe ordered Sushi Chef's Bulchobap (Sparkling Fire Sushi) cos the name caught our eye.Wagyu beef on top of suchi rice ball, served with bulchobap (sesame) sauceWe wanted to try the Buchu Saeu Twigim (Chives And Shrimps Fritter) but it was out stock. Thus. we ordered Mandu Twigim (Deep-fried Seafood Dumplings served with Wasabi dipping sauce)Chef's Bibim Guksoo (Signature Pork Bulgogi Dried Noodles) for myself. I wasn't expecting this to be cold (suaku.. lol) but it was pretty niceKochi Odeng Guksoo (Skewered Fishcakes Noodles) for AngelaHappy lunch =) 
Now .... ... off to meet the rest!

Chef's Noodles 
1 Maritime Square
HarbourFront Centre, #01-99/100
Singapore 099253
Tel: 6271 3033

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