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Sunday, 22 December 2013

McDonald's KAP Gathering

The very first Store Manager, Albert Chan has initiated a gathering, and we finally met after 2 decades! 

We met way back in 1991 when we started at McDonald's King Albert Park. We are part of the pioneers (开荒牛)  for the store. 

2 months before the opening were tough with all the intensive training on all the newly hired crews all spread into 3 training stores (Farrer Road, Clementi & Jurong Bowl). Apart from the intensive training that we had to give, we also had to be trained by other Crew Leaders on the new POS system & Drive-Tru. 

When the store finally opens it's door on 1 Jun 1991, it's even tougher as we were then gathered together from all the 3 training stores. We have to adapt to the working style of all the Crew Leaders & Managers from other stores. The sales were unexpectedly good & we had more Crew Leaders & Managers attaching to KAP from other stores! 

Times were tough as we had lots of argument due to different working style. We also had lots of sweat & toiled as we strive to make the store Shine! Of cos, we also had our fair share of fun & laughter. 

We were like One Big Family!

This is the One store that I'll always remember & Loved.

Now that She ( McDonald's King Albert Park) will be closed for good in Mar 2014, we have decided to gather back at the place where we met for a small chit-chat session

Didn't really take a lot of pictures cos everyone were busy chit-chatting & telling jokes which happened during our shift

Kris (never from KAP) happened to know Albert & myself, also request to attend this session. She also nicely arranged for us a store tour to let us see what are the changes done over the past 20 years (or what's left behind) & a little door gift =)

For those who made an effort to attend this session, your presence is very much appreciated. Those who didn't make it as agreed, we would love to see you on our next session before the store officially closes her door.

If you happen to worked at McDonald's King Albert Park way back between 1991 - 1993, please contact me! 

Or if you know anyone who used to worked at McDonald's King Albert Park way back between 1991 - 1993, please get them to contact me!

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