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Monday, 16 December 2013

Stay-cation @ Marina Bay Sands (13 Dec 13)

Happy Birthday to Me! 

Lunch with Angeline at 鼎泰豐 before checking-in at Marina Bays Sand Hotel for a one-night stay-cation

Waiting in line to collect room keys

I was assigned to a room at Tower 3, Level #15

The room is pretty spacious

With huge toilet, but no bathtub

Stationery provided by hotel

Complimentary hot beverages

Mini-bar in the room. For those who has the habit of removing the in-house drinks from the fridge & storing your owns drink, WATCH-OUT! The fridge has an auto-sensor & the drinks will be charged immediately! 

Complimentary drink from hotel

View from the room

Angeline bought me a very cute LadyBug cake from DJ Bakery. She took candles but none of us smoke, so no lighter to light the candles... hahaha

The cake is soft, moist & fluffy but we couldn't finish the cake, so I kept it back into the box & brought it home the next day

Then both of us went to Watson's warehouse sale at Suntec convention hall & then to Marina Square. We rested out feet at Lady M for some dessert & drink before continuing shopping

Bought a dress at Mango before we head back to Suntec =D

I went back to the room alone & nuah a bit while waiting for the Sec Sch mates to come for dinner

While walking back to the room after dinner, we saw this blinking bear shoe from Adidas! 

Some fairies walking around

And also walking Christmas tree =D

Walked passed TWG, bought 2 scoops of ice cream

Back in the room, the school mates actually bought me presents!

*the many ugly faces Anthony snapped of me!

The bought me this Kawaii Knead massager for me & Jean also made me the mini-lego minion

Night view from the room

Nothing to do, we went up to the Infinity pool at 11.30pm

The pool is already closed when we went up

Quite chio at night

Thirsty, we went down to the Rise lounge for some drinks

We hang around till about 1.30am before we part. Jean, Goh & Randy went home while myself, Anthony & Loo went back to the room

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