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Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Multiply's Gathering, Christmas 2013

Continues singing "Tis the season to jolly, falalalala lalalala" 

Round 2 of Christmas Gathering. Today I'm having gathering the Multiply girls @ The Raintree (hazel's place). This has been our standard Christmas Gathering venue for the past 3-4 years. This year, Daryl & Damien is coming with me cos the gathering will ends on time for them to go for their swimming lessons

Eeling came to pick me & the boys

Upon reaching, the girls head direct to the pool

While the boys head direct to the playground

Adults? Set-up the table lah! This is the children corner

Theresa's secret recipe drink

Hazel's bake & Christmas platter

10 of us who can't bring food due to one or another reason, cater from Lee Wee & Brothers

Angeline's achar & bake

My appetizer

Geok Ping's cook

Apart from munching on the food, what else we can do? pictures time!

Ohh... we have a mini Santa

We also have an adult (or rather, teen) Santa =D

Every kid is a happy kid cos they all gets a present each =)

Cheers to our 7th Year

Woots~ all adults gets a present too

Few more pictures before the party ends

Once again, Thanks Hazel for hosting the Christmas Party

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