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Tuesday, 26 February 2013

1-Day Desaru (v) - KIP Mart & 新美都冷气酒楼

Free & Easy shopping at a local Wet/Dry Market + Shopping Mall (KIP Mart) after visiting the Fruit Farm

The wet market - I'm pretty surprise that the floor of their wet market is DRY & there isn't fishy smell. Most of the items for sale are also displayed nicely!

Egg distributor. Quail eggs here are cheap! 3 bags of about 20-30pc cost only RM$10. Unfortunately, no eggs are allowed to bring in to Singapore

Vegetables at vegetable stall are also very organized

The dried stuff stall

Beautifully organized fruit stall. The guy in green even turn around & pose when he saw me taking picture of the stall

The girl behind the Keropok stall also smile to the camera when I'm snapping a picture of the stall

woohoo~~  Love these Kaya Balls~~ The owner even gave us 2pc extra! heehee

After shopping, we were brought to 新美都冷气酒楼 New Mui Tou Restaurant for dinner.

13 of us were again bring squeezed into a table, but this time it was quite bad! The food portion was pretty small & it's like you only get 1 or 2 piece of item per dish! The driver even told us to eat slowly! Like how? @_@

haha.. at last a group pix!

Salty Radish soup w/Chicken Feet


Stir-fry Kangkong

Tiny Steam Prawn

Wild Boar Meat w/Spring Onion

Steam Fish

Roast Chicken - the only dish that's of average serving size


A disappointed dinner I would say! 

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New Mui Tou Restaurant 

Tel : 07-8831148

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