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Sunday, 12 November 2017

LéTara Yacht | Pre-light up of Christmas Boat Light Parade

Hohoho ~ Christmas is slightly a little mora than a month away & ONE15 Marina has organised a Christmas Boat Light Parade

LéTara Yacht has been invited to join in the contest for the parade and so we decided to do up a mock-up one week before the event
Christmas decor that Jenny bought online. Haha.. pretty cool cos Santa can goes up & down the chimney while th other 2 has lights in itHaha.. Heeran is learning the art of selfie!Ok, enough of fooling round. Time to get to work!Oh my gosh.. tough work! So, selfie first =DAlmost there... ...Tada ~~ but oops, not enough lights, so only half the boat is being light upCool?We will be wearing blinking wristband on actual day =)Took us a couple of hours to get get the mock-up done. A little fine tuning is still required but we're almost there. 
Good luck, LéTara Yacht for the competition next Sunday!
And so, we went for dinner after the mock-upLate night dinner after the tough work =DCheers for good luck!We had lots of fun doing the mock-up and of cos, dinner too! 

Good Luck, LéTara Yacht! Till then... ... have a great sailing week! 

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