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Sunday, 25 October 2015

Multiply's Annual Halloween Party

Woots ~~ It's the Multiply's annual Halloween party! As usual, we will be doing a little dressed-up for both adult & kids
This year I try to achieve a Cat Spirit look

The stocking I'm wearing had cat's face infront & cat's tail at the back =D

I also have a pet cat

And a pair of kitty on my eyes

Going with me is a skeleton pumpkin & a skeleton vampire

This year we had catering from Neo Garden instead of pot luck

And as usual, the event is held at The Raintree. Hazel, one of the host for tonight.

EL is also one of the host as apart from Halloween, we are also having 4 kids' birthday celebrationKids .. so farNo one's here yet, so 3 of us wefie lahThe rest of the photos need no caption since it's mostly selfie/ wefie
Fiona bought me a very chio cat head band from H&M
Cos I forgot to bring my pet, Theresa "loan" me her "cat"
Haha,.. 2 cat spirits
Twinnie Cats1 big , 2 small & 1 mini cats
All the kidsAngeline's body tattoo corner proves to be the busiest cornerFood from Neo GardenTheresa went Lek Lim Nonya Cake shop to buy glutinous rice & brought it all the way for us!Group picture of all the girlsThen it's birthday cake time. Angeline baked all the cupcakes for the kids while Theresa bought the old school butter cake for adults. 
4 birthday kids tonight. Can you guess who & how old are they?

Liz is 4
Jaycus is 5Brayden is 4Ji Hye is 6Here's the 4 birthday kidsBraydenLizJi HyeJaycus

Haha.. so many paparazzi 

Moscato for the girls

Cheers to our many years of friendship!

And cheers to many many more years of friendship

Honestly, I don't know which picture is from who, so I put everything here =D

Oh, we have a new kid in town!

Hello, Dashiel

2 more wefie before we call it a day

Thank you ladies for the many awesome gatherings

The awesome goody bag from the hosts

One again, thank you all the hosts for inviting & thank you for all the awesome gatherings. Looking forward to our annual Christmas gathering cos this year Wendy will be hosting it & it's the first time we're having it in the East =D

See you girls in December! 

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