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Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Leonard & Preeyanuch Weds

The cousin, Leonard suddenly announces that he wants to get married, and we were all invited to thewedding. It was quite a rushing preparation for aunty Vicky cos the wedding date is less than 3 months.
Some wedding pictures aunty Vicky sent over. The pictures were taken in Chiang Mai cos that's where the bride livesSelfie while waiting for the rest at home to be ready
Cabbing our way to the hotel

Mirror image again
The aunties
The wedding started off with tea ceremonyAfter the tea ceremony, it was solemnization. All of us was siting around while waiting for the ceremony to commenceGina, emcee for the nightSolemnization in the processCheeky by doing the 'ssshhh' to everyone during the solemnization
The newly weds, Leonard & PreeyanuchAnd so we proceed to the ballroom for dinnerWhile waiting for the newly weds to march-inEmcee doing a little introduction of the programs for the night First dish - combination platterShark's fin soupNathan eats only white rice =DTeochew braise duckLive herbal prawnsNo 2nd march-in. The couple only goes up on stage for the wedding toastThe newly weds giving their speechBroccoli with muchroomWhile Nathan plays game, all the other kids crowd around him, causing Mandy to be slightly suffocated =D Steam sea bassOur family with the newly wedsNoodlesand finally dessert
Food was good but serving up of food is pretty slow, and there's no staffs going around topping up drinks. When asked for drinks, it takes some time for them to top up. Nevertheless. it was a great evening spent with the family. 

Congrats, Leonard & Preeyanuch. 

May the both of you everlasting love & a blissful marriage

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