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Thursday, 11 October 2012

Takashimaya & Hokkaido Fair!

Was supposed to meet Evelyn 7pm for dinner, but I went slightly earlier cos I wanna go to the Hokkaido Fair that's happening from now till 14 Oct 12 at Takashimaya! 

The main item that attracts me is the 白い恋人 - Hokkaido Chocolate Cookies. 

Can't remember who is the one who introduced this cookie to me many years back, but it was love at first bite! So, wait no more. I immediately search for the counter once I reach!

Initially I bought 2 boxes of Dark Chocolate Cookie, but decided to buy 1 more box of White & 1 more box of Dark Chocolate so that I can give few pieces to Evelyn, Carol & Jenny! 

**cannot share with too many people cos it's not cheap. It's $27.80 for only 18 piece box! 

the White Chocolate cookie box 

and the Dark Chocolate cookie box

I also bought Sanporoku (product of 柳月 Ryugetsu) - Moist baumkuhen (layered cake) full of flavor, using flour 100% from Tokachi and Hokkaido butter, sugar and eggs. I bought 2 rolls - 1 box of Chocloate @ $14/box & 1 box of plain @ $13/box

As I walk out from the "food heaven" , the smell from this Sapporo Petit Doughnut kiosk lure me to them! 

so I bought the 30 piece set @ $15 $12 after discount. The doughnuts are of assorted flavors & they're quite yummy. Soft & fluffy too.

And since I got nothing to do, I wonder back into the "food heaven" cos I remembered I need to buy bread for breakfast. So I walked into this DONQ Bakery & bought like 6 breads @ $16.70! 

After dinner, Evelyn & myself went back to the "food heaven" cos she needs to buy Royce chocolate for her colleague's farewell gift, so we end up at the Hokkaido Fair again cos she wanna see if there's anything interesting.

She bought a bottle of cheesecake while I bought 3 of this cube cream puff at $18

and this chocolate cream puff @ $6! 

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