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Monday, 8 October 2012

Makan & Mahjong Session

The A-Team (partial) meets for dinner. 

Kogu initially wanted Swensens at IMM, then decide to go tze char at Jurong West. However, Nizam is not alone & he's already at IMM, Jenny suggested Hoshi Japanese Restaurant.

Surprisingly, there isn't any queue when we're there at 8pm. After looking thru the menu, we decided to take on the All You Can Eat, Ala Carte Buffet! At the price tag of $39.80++, it's quite worth it. It also comes with free flow of soft drinks/ green tea.

Some (quite a lot) of the food we ordered

salas, gyoza, mixed sashimi, chawanmushi 

unagi, unagi & egg, teriyaki chicken, squid

2 types of prawns (tempura/ breaded), vegs, soft shell crab

slice beef, pork & egg, 2 types of salmon

and desserts.. mochi, read bean soup w/rice balls, ice cream (forgot to take picture)

And what else is new dinner? Mahjong at Kogu's house lah! Luck not very good tonight after 西. Overall lost $35, but lucky I'm not the biggest loser!


Theresa Lee said...

i long time no play mj liao ....

Theresa Lee said...

i like ur font why i dun hv this font :(

Angeline Lim said...

I oso hand itchy for mj

Angeline Lim said...

I oso hand itchy for mj

Pauline Tan said...

Theresa, go setting to change the fonts lah..

Pauline Tan said...

Next time plan mahjong! heehee