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Thursday, 11 October 2012

The Manhattan Fish Market

Bored, so I make a date with my bff, Carol for lunch today! 

Off I go with my pink shade cos I'm carrying my Pink Ralph Lauren =)

Carol suggested The Manhattan Fish Market at Plaza Singapura.

Service was quite bad at this branch. I am 3rd in the queue. First was 2 office ladies, and in-front of me was a group of 3 students. The manager (I suppose, cos she is in different uniform) showed the first 2 group of people in the queue to her staff who then show them to their respective tables. When she walked back & see me standing there, she walk away! When I stare at her, another girl saw me & quickly attend to me.

However, I am being showed to a table with an incomplete setting. Every table setting comes with a spoon but not mine! I have to ask for a spoon when my rice is being served. 

A quick look at the menu & I must say, they have cheap lunch set starting from $5.90, but that was the "light" portion, which is slightly smaller than their usual serving. Quite cheap cos the set comes with a bowl of soup as well. Not for big eater thou. I decided to wait for Carol before deciding on what to order.

After being seated for like 15mins, I am being served this small cup of Lime Juice which I dun even know why they're serving this, but it looks like it's a welcome drink cos every table has this. 

Carol order a Coke & I ordered a Iced Peach Tea but had to change to Coke cos Iced Peach Tea no stock! **What? No stock say early lah! 

Anyway, we were being served only 1 glass of Coke & I have to remind them that I replace my Iced Peach Tea with Coke! 

While waiting for our main to be served, Carol happily showed me her new toy - Samsung S3 in Brown. Her hubby bought & gave it to her cos he don't know how to use.. haha

Finally, our main dish are being served after 25 mins of wait! 

Carol had Small Flame 

While I had Small Grilled

They are already in the Halloween mood! 

Apart from the unpleasant service, everything was was alright. Carol went back to work while I proceed home. 

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