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Sunday, 7 October 2012

Brayden is One!

We, the Multiply Girls were invited by Geok Ping to her son, Brayden's 1st Birthday! 

Since it's a Birthday party, I shall spare everyone the long story & hope you enjoy the pictures =)

haha.. that's me, fallen asleep while waiting for Eeling

As usual, I go messing around with the 2 Korean girls, Ji Eun & Ji Hye in their 아빠's (father) car!

The venue

Buffet spread, from Delihub

She even have a kid's corner!

And animal balloons for each & every kid!

The cute Animal-themed cake

and the Animal-themed mini-cupcakes! 

Geok Ping's family picture on Brayden's 1st Birthday! 

and these are part of the Multiply Girls with Geok Ping & her family =)

Fiona's irritated by her whining Davion. Oh my, this boy whines like a girl..  non-stop! 

Today's a rare Sunday where Janice & Cheryl is able to join us! 

That's me & Angeline

my Evil Twin, Theresa ;p

Lizie! ooh~~ I love her eyelash! 

Warren, happily blowing bubbles

Theresa & the Birthday boy

ok, last picture of the day.. Brayden, the Birthday Boy =)

Happy Birthday, Brayden! 
祝: 身体健康, 快高长大

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