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Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Max Brenner Chocolate Bar

Evelyn has been telling me she wants to bring me to Max Brenner after she saw one of my photo post on the Chocolate Banana Pizza from Pasta Mania. I think she must told me like 10 over times & finally we make a trip to the branch at Vivo today! 

I had the Eighties Milkshake & She had Dark Chocolate or something

The Works Pizza for her, and she keeps saying the one in Melbourne is so much better. Personally I find the crust too thick & a hard. Too sweet for my liking too.

I had the Banana Split Waffles which I find it quite alright. I don't quit like it cos too many of the tiny stuffs on top of the waffle. I'll probably ask them not to put all the stuffs on the waffle except the ice-cream & the chocolate sauce the next time

One more shot of Evelyn who insist  on taking picture with the pretty containers

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