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Sunday, 28 October 2012

Lizzie's 1st Birthday & Halloween Party

Elizabeth is One! 

Time flies~~ Elizabeth is One & since her Birthday is near Halloween, Hazel decided to make it a Halloween Party as well. 

Initially I wanted to just wear my old Witch hat, but I saw this drape at Daiso, so I change my plan & end up wearing the drape with my little devil hairband. So... that's me & the Pumpkin Boys

Bought the Pumpkin drapes & hat from Daiso. Damien also got a pumpkin pail from Daiso while Daryl recycle his old ToysRUs pumpkin pail

The buffet set-up from Purple Sage

Goody Bag corner. Hazel put in so much effort to customize each & everyone of the goody bag for the kids. Even adults get a Red Velvet Cake-in-a-jar

Kids corner with DIY cupcakes, sand-witch, yakult, vitagen, sausages & stuffs

Oops~ Cedric is afraid of aunty Pauline

The traditional ceremony for 1-year-old - 抓周 - this is to see what the kiddo will be in the future. Lizze picked chopsticks & cough syrup & Hazel says that represents that she will be a doctor with lots of food! hahaha

Lizzie's Birthday Cake - Triple Chocolate Cheesecake, together with a few cupcakes from Pique Nique.

The Lee Family
~~Happy Birthday Elizabeth Lee. 祝你生日快乐, 快高长大~~

The Kiddos

The Multiply Gang

Needless to say, it's cam-whoring time for the big kids~~ 

heehee.. being sporting, I got the Best-dressed Adult award~ 
Thanks for the gift, Hazel~ 

Stuffs the boys bought home. T-Rex goody bag from Hazel & the polka-dot goody bag from Ivy

The adults also got home-baked butter cookie from Angeline

~~Once again, Happy Birthday to Elizabeth Lee~

Thanks Hazel for the invite, the customized goody bag for the boys & the many cake-in-a-jar for me & my family =)

The Boys & myself had so much fun =)

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