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Sunday, 7 October 2012

Retrolicious Concert!

woohoo~~~ We're going to the Retrolicious Concert! 

Initial plan was to meet at Excelsior Hotel & go for dinner at Fort Canning Park for dinner, but Anthony is afraid that there's nothing suitable for us cos both of us are having a bad sore throat, so he picked me up at Orchard & we went for dinner at MOF @ My Izakaya (Bugis Junction) before heading down to the concert.

Concert starts exactly at 8pm with Wang Chung taking the stage for 30 mins; Tiffany taking the stage for an hr; Howard Jones taking the stage for 30 mins & finally Alphaville taking the stage for 30 mins! DJ from Class 95 FM took over the stage by screening some retro videos in-between the change of artist for about 15-20mins to allow the next artist to set up their own band. Oh yes, DJs from Class95 FM also celebrated Tiffany's Birthday on stage! 

Then we went 新旺香港茶餐厅 at Marina Square for supper after the concert ends at 12am!

Salmon Sashimi to start the dinner

Seafood Toji Set Meal which comes with mixed Tempura

Entrance @ venue of the Retrolicious Concert - Fort Canning Park

Ticket - Initial venue is at Gardens by the Bay

And that's us @ The Retrolicious Concert! Emily, myself & Anthony
Wrist band for concert

the stage & the crowd

*pardon me for the blur pix cos it's taken with iPhone4s as my camera is still in hospital =(

I ordered a bowl of wanton soup

and a bowl of glutinous balls in ginger soup 

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