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Saturday, 13 October 2012

Carnivore & Neverland II

Random gathering cos we need to finish up our half bottle of Hennesy which we bought 2 months ago at Dragonfly @ St James Power Station, so Sam suggested going for dinner at Carnivore before going St James. 

and so... whee~ Off to meet the girls for a meaty buffet before drinking session

Carnivore - My 2nd visit here & this time, was quite disappointed with the service provided by the lady at the front desk. When we mentioned that reservation was being made by Sam, she asked for the contact number & than commented sarcastically "you have to give us the contact number cos there is not only 1 Sam you know?" Than she just show us in without saying anything!

**Excuse me, of cos I know there is more than 1 Sam in the world, but you don't have to be so sarcastic! 

Than when I try to snap a picture of the salad bar from another angle, the same lady walk towards me & commented "you cannot take picture of the salad bar", than she walk away!

**what kind of attitude is this? 

Anyway, I shall not let some FT spoil my appetite! 

They have Happy Hour for drinks, so we decided to help Sam order first in case she cannot make it before 7pm. 

I also ordered this Caipirnha Float. It's something like lime juice with rum lime sorbet. slurps~ 

The friendly servers. The young guy even remember that Theresa only eats chicken & fish; i wants the 'burnt' part of pineapple; and Angeline's request for them to come to us first if they have fish! 

My first round, with some veggies & soup.. fish, ham, pork, beef & sausage. More meats continues, but I was busy eating, so didn't take picture~ 

A shot of Angeline before the feast begins

A shot of me & my evil twin, Theresa before feasting also

Sam came a bit later, so a shot of her & Angeline after feasting

Than we proceed to Neverland II, a Thai club (Previously Dragonfly) @ St James Power Station to wait for Fiona, who went for a lousy chinese dinner.. heehee

Decor is exactly the same as Dragonfly. 

Luckily we are still able to redeem our left over bottle from Dragonfly!

A shot at Neverland II

haha.. hungry after drinking, so we went for supper at the Beer Garden by Food Republic which is just outside the clubs. That's me & Angeline queuing for Oden Beef Noodles

erm, ok.. we ordered quite a lot of food which we can't really finish. We had Rojak w/only you tiao; Hokkien Prawn Mee; Beef Noodle; Frog Leg Porridge; Oyster Omelette 

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