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Thursday, 18 October 2012

GoodBye Acer, Hello Dell~~

My current desktop has been in use for more that 7 years, way before I join the company. Finally after several die-on-me incidents, I'm getting a new desktop! In fact, everyone of us in office are finally getting new desktop! 

So... ... Good Bye Acer. Thanks for serving me for the past 6 years 10 months! 

Hello, Dell ~~ I hope you serve me better than Acer =)\

Dell vs Acer ~ 

I was telling colleague, I wonder why the monitor is getting bigger while the CPU is getting smaller. The reason why the monitor is getting bigger over the years, is it to cater for older people like me who has 老花?  Just joking! hahaha... 

Well, do you think we really need new desktop? Of cos! Check out those faulty CPUs under the table. There's at least 10 faulty CPUs there! These are not inclusive of those half-past-six CPUs that we're using. 

We even have the "Big Elephant" in office! 

On a side note, here's my old "mouse" .. got face can.. lol

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