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Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Perfect Snack!

An ex-school mate very much wanted dinner at a meaty restaurant with nice desserts, so I decided to browse tru ladyironchef's blog to see if I can find a suitable restaurant. As I was browsing thru, one of the advert he did caught my eye! 

It's about this Chocolate covered Wolfberries!

Now, who doesn't knows about Wolf-berry (枸杞)? I'm sure everyone of us are familiar with this cute little berry right? Mum always tells me it's good for eyes & it's one of the key ingredient when it comes to boiling of soup.

I have a love-hate relationship with this little berry cos it taste kind of bitter if u eat it on it's own, but it also makes the soup looks more appetizing with these red stuffs floating around.

When I wondering at NTUC yesterday before my dental appointment, I saw this Chocolate Covered Wolfberries from ChocGoji on the shelf, so I decided to buy and give it a try

I decided to try out Dark Chocolate first since I'm a Dark Chocolate lover. Surprisingly, it's quite nice know! Check out the wolf-berry under the chocolate. 
*but arh, the texture is a little sticky, so it gets stuck in the teeth at times..

I love this best - Dark Chocolate

It also comes in Milk Chocolate

And Sugar Free Chocolate. 

不知不觉, I already finish 1 packet of the Dark Chocolate Wolf-berries! 

For those who are interested to try, you can get it from the list here

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