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Monday, 8 October 2012

Extraction of Wisdom Tooth

Finally, I went to extract the 2 decayed wisdom teeth on the right! I also extracted the broken tooth on the top right. 

I went to this Dental Trendz at Jurong Point & it's so much faster than I expected. It only took the dentist 30 mins to remove all the 3 teeth & I don't even feel anything during the process!

All the 3 teeth are already decayed, so it needs to be removed via surgery! Since it's surgery, I can opt to make payment via Medisave & it's 100% claimable! 

Dentist asked if I wanna bring the balance of the decayed teeth back, I said "No, I just need to take picture of it!" haha

and that's my slightly swollen face on my right

with the gauze in it! 

Surprisingly, even the medication also no need to pay cash! 

As for now, it's still slightly numb on the affected areas, & I'm just hoping that the pain will not be bad as I expected! Also hoping that it'll recover fast so that I can feast at Canivore on Friday evening with some of The Girls =)

Going back to the Dentist on next Monday evening to remove the stitches & at the same time gotta ask the Dentist on the charges if I were to do an Implant on the top right lobang!

After the right side is done, I'll need to remove the decayed top left wisdom tooth & 2 more broken teeth on top left! Oh my! I have a super bad set of teeth. Thanks to my laziness & my disliking of brushing teeth during Primary School days! 

To all the kids out there, if you happen to read this, please brush your teeth daily & visit your dentist regularly. Don't be like me! Going thru this is not a joke! 


Rara said...

Hi, may I know which dentist at DentalTrendz did you engage for extracting the wisdom tooth? I understand that there are quite a few dentist there.. Thanks!

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