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Thursday, 18 October 2012

Hello, True Yoga~~

Feeling bored & nothing better to do, I decided to get my ass back to yoga! 

Wah, it's just an hour of Hot Yoga class, my hands & legs are trembling max! Faint! 想当年, I can go up to 5 classes per weekend & 3 classes per weekday, and 5 days per week! Now 1 hour only & it's killing me! Looks like I have to get my ass back there more frequently.

So fat now I can't fit into my work-out wear.. erm, even if I can fit in, the tummy also buldging out looking like a preggie, I end up wearing 睡衣 & legging to class! haha

Checked using Foursquare, my last check-in at True Yoga was on 15 Apr 12. Which means, I have been MIA for 6 months! 

So hungry after class & when I finally got home, it's already 10.30pm! Asked maid to cook 1 packet of maggie mee, but she added so much ingredients! There goes my work-out! Guess I've got to grab something to eat at abt 3.30pm at work if I'm going for class tmr!

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