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Thursday, 4 October 2012


hohoho.. not only I'm down with sore throat & cough, I also slightly sprain my left ankle, causing it to be slightly swollen 

went Raffles Medical at Lot1 in the morning to get medication for sore throat & cough

Left ankle a bit swollen due to new + old injury

Went to the 跌打 at Beauty World but all of them opens only at 4pm, so I went to the one at Keat Hong Shopping Centre

After rubbing the medication on the ankle, the sin-seh pasted the black medication on my ankle & leave it there to "BBQ" 

Than he only use a medicated plasted that looks like Salom Pass & pasted on the black medication

The sin-seh also gave a small bottle of medication & asked apply the medication on the affected area after I remove the dressing 2 days later

Here's the sin-seh that I went to!

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