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Saturday, 5 March 2016

iLight Marina Bay 2016

i Light Marina Bay - Asia's Leading Sustainable Light Festival is back for the 4th year!
Myself & Jaslyn were a little early when we reach, thus, we went for dinner at DC Comics Super Heroes CafeDirectory for the light installationsCycle HouseDamn cool lah .. got karaoke some moreThese bikes are pretty much normal cos it's always being seen around Marina BayLight WalkClockwork StoriesGroove LightEmograph, no graph is the the same cos the graph is generated base on your pulse. Check out my beautiful graph here!The Unveiled BeautyI waited for quite a while to get my hands on the marker so that I can leave notes on it. One for the Awfully Awesome TeamThe Tan FamilyThe Multiply Girls/ Evil Sisters. When I want to write some more, a little boy was looking at me, so I gave the marker to him BoltTorrent, honestly, not sure what is this about.. hahaShadow BathLampshadeAngels of FreedomThese are so popular it's so difficult to grab a picture without anyone in itThen there's this carnival by Uncle RingoAnd we spotted a very cute huskyDidn't managed to check out all other installations as Jaslyn started feeling bored, so we head home lah.Couple of days later, I manage to catch What a Loving Beautiful World - Art Science Museum while I was on my way home after a trip to Gardens By the Bay for Cherry BlossomsAlso managed to shot a video of this installation

Hopefully will be able to catch all the installations on the next iLight Marina Bay

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