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Monday, 7 March 2016

Kok Sen Restaurant & Banana Tree | Siew Hoon's Birthday

It's been a week since Siew Hoon's birthday & we're finally, officially buying her a dinner!
Siew Hoon & Hazel is out for stores visiting as they need to do some product quality check, so it's left with the 4 of us in the officeNo major issues happened, so we're a little bit free to do a couple of selfie =DSiew Hoon & Hazel came back in the late afternoon & bought donuts Dinner at Kok Sen Restaurant cos Siew Hoon wants to try their Big Prawn HorfunWe (Nhry, May, Happy & myself) also bought her a Pandora leather bracelet while Chloe bought her scented candle from YankeeThe girls who have not met Chloe since she quit in Feb, yak non-stop when they meet!Wahaha.... see, I'm not the only one who feeds my camera first!Dishes we ordered - Salt & pepper prawns, fried rice, homemade tofu & bitter-gourdPrawn paste chicken, nai bai with 3 types of egss, broccoli & spring onion fish slice Curry crabAnd lastly, Big Prawn HorfunHazel, being out the whole day under the hot sun, is not feeling very wellAfter dinner, we decided to go for dessert at Banana Tree since it's just 2 doors awayWahaha, found my "lost pet" in the shop & so I magically turned into witch! =DIce Chocolate som-somGreen Tea latte som som for Siew HoonCan't remember what is this that Nhey ordered, but it was some very chocolaty cakeWe had the Nutella Banana ToastAnd so ... ... wefies! One last wefie before we leave! 
Good night, everyone & once again, Happy Birthday Siew Hoon!

Kok Sen Restaurant
30 Keong Saik Rd, Singapore 089137
Phone:6223 2005

Banana Tree
26 Keong Saik Rd, 089133
Phone:6221 5020

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