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Wednesday, 16 March 2016

BBQ Session at D'Resort

Ee Ling has got a chalet unit at D'Resort and invited us over for a bbq session cos the last time we had one was quite long ago!
I was mad late due to last min work commitmentWhen I reached, Theresa was in the room with the kids as Alexia needs feedingThen I was doing massive wefie while waiting for Alexia to finish her milkSee what I mean? =DEveryone are almost done eating when I finally get down to the bbq pit & EL's mum & sis were both bbq-ing all the stuffsThen her mum & sis came to me with these and said "Pauline, these are all yours" .. OMG! they must be joking lah =DThen selfie/ wefie again!Went back to the room to continue with massive wefie after all the food has been cooked Then we were fooling around with snapchat filters =DMore wefie ... ...OMG ... Alexia must be thinking "this Pauline yiyi is mad.. too obsessed with wefie!" =D 
Since I was working the next day, Ee Ling offered me to stay for the night so that I can go direct to work from Pasir Ris to Changi. 

Thanks Ee Ling for organizing the bbq session & allowing me to stay for the night! 

1 Pasir Ris Close, 519599
Tel: 6589 1865

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