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Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Siew Hoon's 43rd Birthday

It's Siew Hoon's birthday (like finally)! She has been with us since last April & has been celebrating all of our birthday & it's finally her turn! 

I made an arrangement with JT for him to help me buy a birthday cake for her but... ... 
Hazel playfully spring her a surprise with a marble cake she bought for her own breakfast =DShe was quite taken aback cos she was sitting at my desk doing a refresher course on order processingHappy 43rd Birthday, Siew Hoon!Not planned, but we head out for lunch at Pizza Hut cos we're also having lunch with 2 of the IT girls cos they helped us fix quite a bit of enhancement on the system!Woo-hoo ... One-for-One on selected pasta, main & pizza!Happy lunch = happy people!Wahaha... one more cake after lunch! Well, actually this is the real cake lah.. but we can only present it after lunch cos non of us had excuse to go out, so I had to seek help from JT.This JT also funny lah.. he know Siew Hoon is slightly older than him but doesn't knows her actual age. Thus, took 49 candles!Naughty Hazel then made a "medal" for her =DHer hubby also sent her a bouquet of flowers to the office for her! oh, so romantic! Once again... ... Happy Birthday, Siew Hoon & stay awfully awesome!

Pizza Hut
3 Simei Street 6
#02-03, East Point Mall
Singapore 528833
Tel: 6604 9213

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