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Saturday, 27 February 2016

CCSSian's Gathering

It's been a while since we last meet and so when I met David at the ATeam's HQ, he suggested a meetup at his house, together with a couple of those guys from the A-Class
Yes, this is where our secondary school used to stand and David happens to stay few houses down the road.It has since became the Singapore Hokkien Huay KuanDavid who just rushed back from Batam, ordered meesiam & chicken wing from one of our ex-school mate who runs a mini-catering serviceA wefie while waiting for AnthonyAnd a few selfiesThen continue to eat ... seriously, the A-Class guys can really talk! and finally, Anthony appearsVery interesting sweet that Liana bought back from Batam. It's cotton candy sandwiched between 2 pieces of crackers. Best served chilledJean's daughter feeling mad bored, went to enjoy some me-time at the swingThe guys still talking non-stop again after saying good-byeThen they finally left after talking for more that 15 mins outside the gate. Oh my goodnessWhat's these Melissa shoes doing here?And these Star Wars babies? 
Yeah.. cos Anthony & wife recently went Bangkok & they lug all these back for me!
Liana then started offering beer =DHaha... getting late; getting high =DCute lah this WJ! The moment he sees me earlier in the evening, he already recognized me & even remembered my name but I totally can't remember him. So ok lah, take a selfie with him before we leave cos throughout the night he keep saying I broke his heart for not remembering him! Oh my goodness.. laugh die me!
Anyway, we had a great time catching-up and thanks David for hosting us these bunch of old monkeys. 

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