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Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Chin Lee Teochew Restaurant | Louhei w/Colleagues

Department Chinese New Year lunch! This is for the first time we're having CNY lunch for the department.  
Siew Hoon suggested Chin Lee RestaurantWe made a reservation 2 weeks and indoor seating is already fully booked.Appetizer is braised peanuts & steam beancurd. Love the softness of the peanuts A wefie while waiting for food to arriveYusheng, Teochew-styledThis is the very first time in my 41 years of life I'm having Teochew-styled Yusheng.Less than 4 types of vegetables, it is very crunchy & it has a very refreshing tasteHuat arh!Stir-fried broccoli Prawn rollCoffee ribsSteam Promfret. This has to be pre-ordered to avoid disappointedRoasted Chicken has to be pre-ordered too as it runs out way too fast!Teochew-styled Char Kuay Teow. Wah, I'm not sure about the others, but I love this. Kuay teow fried to almost burnt, with chai-po & vegetables. Taste a little like white carrot cake thou =DChilled jellied pork. Haha, all of them wanted to try but back out after seeing the amount of chilled jellied cos they find it looking too disgusting. In the end, I ate 75% of the dish!Dessert definitely has to be Yam Paste since we're in Teochew restaurant right? I love that it not not too sweet, but the colleagues prefered to have it served with coconut milk & they find it a little blandYeah! Happy Chinese New Year, everyone! Let's hope that everything goes smoothly at work in the year of monkeyBack in the office after a heavy lunch & another louhei session is waiting for us!SCM & QA Team of KFC & PH are here for a inspection of a product & their department head bought yusheng to have a loihei session with usMay there be less PQNC/ product recall & autoload this year. Huat arh!

Chin Lee Restaurant Pte Ltd
Blk 115, #01-285, 
Bedok North Road,
Singapore 460115
Tel: +6444 5554/ 6449 5454

Operating Hours:
Lunch: Mon - Fri 11.30 am - 2.30 pm
Sat, Sun, PH 11.30 am  - 2.30 pm
Dinner: Mon - Fri 6 pm - 10.30 pm
Sat, Sun, PH: 5.30 pm  - 10.30 pm

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