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Saturday, 6 February 2016

Genki Sushi | Chinatown | River Hongbao

Late lunch with le bff & le teenage friend at Genki Sushi before going Chinatown
Le teenage friend is very excited cos it's the first time she sees that the food is being served to the table in "bullet train"and she's having fun sending the trains back to stationChuka HotateSteamed Egg Custard with Crab MeatSoft Shell CrabShrimp KakiageTakoyakiDeep Fried Chicken WingShishamoShrimp Triple FlavorSalmon Pallock RoeSea Eel WholeEgg Pallock RoeScallop Triple FlavorSeared Crab with Pallock RoeGrilled River EelLe teenage friend is also excited that she gets to clear her own plates!Sort of stuff ourselves silly & decided that we should do a wefie then quickly get out of the restaurant & hit ChinatownStreets of ChinatownAnd the yearly Chinese New Year Chinatown bazzarVery pretty angbao packets, but since I do not need to give, I did not buy lahNothing much at Chinatown, we continue to train down to Rover Hongbao. Haha.. le teenage friend met her "ancestor" at MRT!=DRiver Hongbao. This year, Sun Wukong (Monkey God) is every whereThe 12 zodiacsAh CaiWe happen to meet another friend who is working at Singapore Pools & so we supported her by buying 2 lucky angbaosWe waited awhile till the decorations are being lighted-upLe teenage friend went for a round of water bubble thingySo we wefie while waiting for herHappy to know that there will be Lion Dance's performance, so we waited for it to startBut... ..... before the performance can start, it started raining! The poor lions had to quickly "dance" for a little & then went into hidingWe also had to go into hiding of cos! But the rain is just a "passerby" & it stopped after a couple of minutes. And cos we're a little wet from the rain, we decided to had homeAh Cai till we meet again!

Genki Sushi
133 New Bridge Road, 
#02-33, Chinatown Point
Singapore 059413
Tel: 6702 0900
Operating Hours: 11.30 am - 10:00 pm

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