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Monday, 25 March 2013

Puncak @ Far East Plaza

A-team's makan session. Kogu feeling nostalgic suggested to have dinner at Puncak - Best Noodles/ Halal Muslim Food @ Far East Plaza! It's rare he wants to go to town for dinner, especially on a Sunday evening! For those of you who went shopping at Far East Plaza long enough, you should have seen known that they have been there for many years!

Puncak @ Far East Plaza used to be their guy's favorite hunt during their McDonald's days!

The classic condiments & utensils on the table, Do note that they do not provide saucer, so you have to put the condiments directly on your own dish

Jenny's Seafood Horfan

My Thai Fried Rice, but somehow it taste more like Salted Fish Fried Rice to me

Nizam's Wantan Mee. I tasted that pool of red sauce & I find it a tad too sweet, but Nizam say's it's nice

Kogu's Claypot Chicken Rice, which we all feel that it's just normal fried rice in claypot

Mike's Beef Char Siew Rice. I find the Char Siew a bit too dry

We also ordered some dishes for sharing

Roast Chicken. Nothing to rave about & it's kind of cold

Fried Wanton. Super crispy & served with a small portion of dark soy sauce. Not really super nice, but we still end up ordering another portion of it after finishing the first plate! Both plates are of "Large" portion by the way!

Sambal Sotong - not the usual spicy sambal & it's a little sweet. I still prefers the usual spicy sambal you get from those BBQ stalls

Stir-fried Kailan. Not much choice of veggie available anyway.

Salad Youtiao

Overall spending including drinks is $78.10 & we got a discount of ... ... $0.10! hahahaha... I would say it's not the best Halal Muslim Food I've had, but it's good enough to consider for re-visit. 

After dinner, Kogu decided to have some coffee, so we walked all the way to Paragon Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf for some coffee, tea & cakes - compliments from Nizam!

I had the new Frozen Lemonade Ice Blend while the rest had their usual drinks. In my opinion, the new Frozen Lemonade Ice Blend smells like toilet air-freshener, but the taste was refreshing & thirst quenching. It would be a perfect drink for hot weather. Nizam also ordered 2 cakes for sharing. 

By the way, the air-con at Paragon Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf was blasting cold, it's even colder than Genting Highlands! 

If you're a Muslim craving for some Chinese food & you happened to be in town, do drop by & give Puncak a try. They are located at:

Puncak - Best Noodle/ Halal Muslim Food
Far East Plaza #05-94, 
14 Scotts Road, Singapore 228213
6738 4348
Mon - Sun: 11.30 am to 9.00 pm (alternate Tues Off)

Paragon Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf 
The Paragon,  #01-37, 
290 Orchard Road  Singapore 238859
6235 4618

Sun-Thu & PH: 7.30am - 12mn 
Fri,Sat and eve of PH: 7.30am - 1am

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