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Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Genting Highlands - Day 3

Day 3 at Genting Highlands - nothing much to do, so we decided to just laze in the room & check out at about 11am

Starting our day at Hainan Kitchen Restaurant again

Daryl & myself had the traditional breakfast set

While mum had the Braised Noodle

Damien's turn to have Chicken Rice

and sis had this Egg coated sandwich stuffed with bacon. 

Know why Damien is fat? Cos he finished his plate of Chicken Rice & yet stealing fries from his mummy's plate!

While the boys, sis & mum goes for the Monorail ride, I had me coke-ffaine fixed at McDonald's while waiting for them & watching over the luggage cos it's not allowed on the monorail

Them on the Monorail ride

Yes, the boys goes for few bumper car rides again! This time round, Daryl got rejected at the Jr Bumper Car, so he went to try at the adult Bumper Car, and can see that he's happier to be able to control it on his own!

Soon, it's time to head home. 

Snapped some pictures while waiting for the coach at the bus terminal

On the way back, we had this double decked coach. All's fine except for the family with kids screaming & whining along the journey back to Singapore

Farewell, Genting Highlands!

Along the way back, the coach stopped at Yong Peng again for dinner break. Mum & myself had Nasi Lemak; sis had hotplate noodle while the boys again had burger!

Damien's "angry mode" being turned on again cos 2 of them keeps arguing & I told them to either themselves or get down the bus! 

Coach left Genting Highlands at 3pm & reached Golden Mile Complex abt 10pm. Overall, the trip was fine, except for some weird moments from mum.

Some highlights from previous days - 

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