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Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Burger King, 1901 Hotdog & Crepe Signature

Late lunch at Burger King, Mall of Medini after check-out

Very cozy restaurant with both indoor & outdoor seating

woohoo~~ meal for 5 with drinks already being whacked!

Apart from the fries that comes with the meal, I add-on a portion of Rock It Fries that is being served with Spicy Honey dressing & powder. With the added dressing & powder, the fries tasted slightly spicy & sweet. Quite nice

The hungry boys

Aiyo.. so big liao still wanna act like baby

The boys couldn't resist 1901 Hotdog, bought it again cos wanna bring it home for dinner =D

Hee.. Then I bought Crepe cos still feeling hungry after the lunch at Burger King

Chicken Floss Crepe that comes with creamy corn, mayo, lettuce & cheese. I took a bite & pass the rest of it to mum

Strawberry Chocolate Crepe is more to my own liking. Crepe is super crispy! Yums ~~

Went back to Legoland Hotel after lunch to wait for transport before heading home.