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Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Rian's Baby Shower

Baby Rian is One Month old & the proud parents, Prakash & Fizah has invited us over for a mini celebration

Full name for Baby Rian - P. Rizq Rian Rao

Door gifts for guests

Mini cupcakes

Star of the day is sleeping when I reached

Buffet was catered from eCreative

Thai Pineapple Rice

Curry Vegetables

Some Fried Fish which looks big cos breading is thick

Cereal Prawns

Chicken Yakitori

Fried Spring Roll

Sushi which Prakash comments that the rice is hard

Assorted Fruits Tarts

Ang Ku Kueh (green bean)

Grass Jelly with Longan. The grass jelly is barely visible & rather bland

Also, cupcakes

Hang around for awhile & the little one is finally waking up cos he's hungry

Carried him while Fizah prepares his milk

Signature look - Grouchy

haha... the sleeping position is so familiar! My nephews used to sleep in this position when they were babies too

Once again... ... 

Congrats, Prakash & Fizah on the arrival of baby Rian & thanks for the invitation

1 comment:

Shannon Perkins said...

Congrats to your friends! I do love attending at baby showers and give gifts for the mom-to-be. Who throw this shower for the new parents? Whoever he/she is, she did a very great job and the food looks so yummy.