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Monday, 15 September 2014

Legoland Hotel, A short family trip

Whee ~~ it's the start of school holiday, so we're going for a short trip to Legoland Hotel! Sis booked a 7-seater car for to & fro transport to save the hassle of us going up & down bus at the custom

Wahaha... boys.. one must bring along Bobby the Monkey while the other must bring along smelly pillow

I also asked my Malaysian colleague to help me buy a pre-paid card @ RM$15, which is pre-loaded with RM$8 for making phone calls. She also helped me to load RM$16 for 2 days of unlimited data usage. Sadly, the data roaming is horrible! It takes 20 mins just to update a check-in on FB =(

Whee ~~ hee ~~ We're here! Hello, Legoland Hotel!

Let's take a wefie first! 

Welcome to Legoland Hotel =)

Official check-in time is at 4 pm, so sis went to do a pre-check-in

Awesome wall of mini Lego figurines

Hotel Lobby

Thousands of mini bricks to keep the boys entertained

Nice piece of Lego art

Another corner for kids to entertain themselves while waiting for room to be ready

Pre-check-in done!

Off for breakfast at the Pancake House International

After breakfast, we're off to Legoland Water Park & spent close to 5 hours there!

Then we're back at the hotel for check-in at 4 pm

At the lift lobby of Kingdom Themed-rooms at Level 7

Welcome carpet on the floor of the room. Alright, let's check out the room

Bathroom - kid's wash basin

Adult wash basin

Shower corner with shampoo & body wash dispenser attached to the wall

Toilet with a spider crawling down the wall

Amenities packed in Lego-printed packaging 

Door-less wardrobe & the boys says all of us must put our sandals in there

Frog Prince siting on a locked treasure chest. Find the mystery code solving sheet & answer the questions on the sheet to unlock the treasure chest. Upon solving, you get to keep the treasure inside the chest.

Daryl trying to solve the questions to unlock the chest. Good Luck, Daryl!

Oh yeah! Daryl managed to solve the questions & gets to keep the treasure in the chest! Treasure includes a notepad, figure & keychain

Back to the room. Sis booked the premium room that can accommodate up to 5 pax (maximum of 3 adults) The room is divided into "2 rooms" - one for the kids, the other for adults

"Kid's room" comes a a double bed & a pull-out bed at the bottom & a TV

"Kid's room" also comes with a box of Lego set to keep them occupied

This is the "adult's room"

Some details in & around the room

Complimentary beverages

Room keys

Room phone

Empty mini fridge

View from our room, nothing but construction works

Wefie in the room

Before going for dinner, we went to check out the hotel swimming pool. This is the Pirate Themed-room level where the pool is located

Hotel swimming pool is not very big, but still we shall come for a swim the next day morning

Some pictures in the hotel

Next, we proceed for dinner at O Sushi

When we're back, we got locked out of the room! Sis went to the check-in counter & then realized that the staff de-activated our room keys cos they accidentally allocated our room to another guest earlier in the evening

Not much activity available around the hotel after 8 pm, we went back to hotel to rest. The boys were shag out & they fall asleep before 9 pm! 

Good night, Legoland Hotel

Day 2 - we were up at 6 am to get ready for breakfast at Bricks Family Restaurant

The boys can't wait to check out the pool, so we went direct to it after breakfast

While Damien's the only boy in the kid's pool at 8 am

Daryl is also the only boy in adult pool at 8 am

Back to the hotel to get ready for check-out. Sis has the habit of keeping the room neat before ;eaving =D

Woots ~ so cool this boy! =D

The boys entertaining themselves at the kid's corner

Massage chairs for guests - RM$5 for 5 mins

There's also entertainers singing for guest & you can even choose what song you wanna listen to

Finally feeling hungry & heading for lunch now

Mum initially wanted Chicken Rice, but we end up having Burger King cos the boys prefers burger

Back at the hotel to wait for transport to pick us up & the boys enjoying movie while waiting

History of Lego

One last picture of the hotel before we leave. 

Although not as fun as Sunway Lagoon like what the boys says, but we'll be back again soon =)

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