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Saturday, 27 September 2014

Coco Ichibanya ... ... again

I was back at CoCo Ichibanya again cos Ivy wanted to try the curry rice after seeing my previous post

Apart from customizing the curry level, diners can also customize rice portion

Or add topping (optional) & option to add on 2 or 3 items for a complete set meal

Ginger & spices is also available on the table in case the curry spiciness level is still not up to your preferred level

Ivy's Japanese Hot Green Tea (refillable)

Ice Milk Tea is totally bland if zero sugar is added

Side salad that comes with the "choose 2 items".. again, the greens are crunchy & fresh

Ivy's Ebi Curry Rice with additional mushrooms on lvl2 spiciness which she is quite satisfied with her choice

I had Beef Shabu Curry Udon with upsize of udon cos the lady says it's quite a small portion. But... ... it proves to be a wrong decision as the udon seems to be bottomless & it took me quite awhile to finish it. Customization of spiciness level for curry is not available for udon & was a little too mild for my liking, thus I added more spice to it. Overall it was alright but I would prefer the curry rice

Also added a hard boil egg to my udon

Dessert that comes with the meal. Ice cream was smooth & chocolaty while wafer is very crispy!

Haha... ice cream too small to fill my sweet tooth, so we went for more ice cream cos Ge!ato is having one-for-one promo

CoCo Ichibanya
Westgate, #01-02
3 Gateway Drive 
Singapore 608532

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