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Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Damien's 5th Birthday - Cruising with BOB Marine

Yeah~ Damien is Five! His daddy, my BIL decided that we should all go cruising with BOB Marine. The boys are crazily excited cos that means they get to play with some water sports again

Having our lunch at the Muslim coffee shop downstairs before heading out

Birthday boy gets to have the plate with drumsticks!

BIL is driving his friend's car today so 4 of us are squeezing into the back seat cos mum is going with us

Reached ONE°15 & waiting for buggy to bring us to the yacht while BIL went to park the car

Yeah~ Looks like a good weather to go out on sea

Sea Wind One, the previous one we took. She's having some models on board today for photo shooting, so we're going out with another girl this afternoon

Golden Ocean - the latest member with BOB Marine is gonna be our ride today

Welcome in =)

She has an inflatable motor boat attached to her 

Let's move on to the interior

Interior of the yacht. Sorry, it's a little messy cos of our stuffs =D

Also comes attached with 3 bedrooms & 2 bathrooms

Captain's seat

Captain's seat at the upper deck

Ready to set sailing =)

Photo bomb by captain behind us =D

Oh Hi, Sea Wind One~ As mentioned, she's got some models doing photo shooting & the photographers wants to go Pulau Hantu instead of Lazarus Island

J2, another fleet from BOB Marine. She's also having models doing photo shooting

Pulau Hantu. It's our first time coming here

Captain finding the right spot to anchor

Once anchored, captain decides to watch movie

While the boys go out on the inflatable motor boat with uncle CC

The boy's daddy is at SeaWindI, so he kayak over to meet the boys

Uncle CC "transferring" the boys over to their daddy

Why are the boys looking down? Never mind... since their daddy is with them =D

While the boys are out kayaking, 2 of us enjoying cold beer

The boys are back after kayaking. Their daddy took them to the beach & now I know why they keep looking down. Cos the kayak is partially see-tru! They went to the beach & saw hermit crabs 

Their daddy relaxing after "off-loading" the kids

Family wefie

More pictures ... ...

Off to kayak with the surfboard

To meet the rest of the people at the other 2 yachts

Birthday boy wanna go over too

So uncle CC came back to pick him up, but... ... the surf board cannot take 3 of their weight!

So gotta call for help! =D

Another uncle came to the rescue & birthday boy got 'rescued' .. lol

Woots~ Someone is kayaking on his own!

Looks like he's having fun

Sun setting... ... Time to head back. 

Back at ONE°15 

Sea Wind I is back as well, so shifted back to her for karaoke & dinner =D

The staffs setting up karaoke system

But we ended up watching movie

Staffs picked up some coconuts from the island in the afternoon, so we're gonna have fresh coconut juices for dinner!

CC ordered some food from Latitude Bistro for all of us

After dinner, cake time.. but oops! Chocolate melted after leaving the cake at room temperature

Shag out, taking a power nap

haha.. had too much fun out at sea & totally shag out when we reached home. 

Good night, Birthday boy =)

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