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Friday, 26 September 2014

Festive Hotel, RWS: Stay-cation with Voodoos

Woohoo~~~~ the stay-cation that we have been talking about is finally happening! We actually wanted the stay-cation at MBS but it's fully booked due to F1 Grand Prix. Thus, we settle for Festive Hotel @ RWS. Thanks, Yiling for helping me book the room =)

I'm kiddo-sitting the boys cos sis is supposed to bring them out but she got some last minute work to attend to, so I brought them along with me for an afternoon swim

Reached, but waiting for the rest to come

Checked-in. Wow, got goody bag for kids!

The happy boys

The room. It was a family room, thus it has a huge bed, a sofa bed & a bunk bed. Just nice for 4 of us (the kids are not staying)

Wefie while waiting for Mel. Cass back-out cos she needs to go for some check up.

Mel came & started fooling around with the boys, then try to carry Damien which proofs to be quite tough. She says can train bicep but feel the pressure after few mins =D

After settling down, we went for late lunch at RamenPlay

Back in the room after lunch to change & off to the pool. Mel again fooling around with the boys while waiting for everyone to get ready

Since the pool at Festive Hotel ain't fantastic, we went to the pool at Hard Rock Hotel

At the pool

Surprisingly, there isn't much crowd on a Saturday noon

Damien & myself were quite tired after like 2 hours, thus we decide to rest & ordered some nibbles while Daryl is still enjoying in the pool

They boys enjoying their nibbles!

Back to hotel room when they finished with their nibbles. Wash up & pass them back to sis who is here to pick them up after her work.

We then went for dinner at Palio & funnily got lost after dinner =D

Back in the room after dinner to continue our gossip, beauty & drinking session. Doze off after awhile cos we were all shag out the night before at Mayday concert =D

Next morning, we decide to had breakfast at Ruyi after checking-out early cos we're intending to visit Trick Eye Museum.

Resorts World Sentosa
Festive Walk,
26 Sentosa Gateway
Singapore 098138

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