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Thursday, 11 September 2014

Morning Walk with the Voodoos

The guys & gals at the Voodoos group are very into runs & hike and they had regular morning hikes. Cassandra initiates a Sunday morning hike last week and I decide to join them for the walk. Gheez.. it's been long time since I woke up early Sunday morning for a walk.

I borrowed Damien's school bag cos the backpack that I had is a little big

I was early & thus had breakfast at the Mushroom Cafe

On our way out of the cafe, we spotted a cat that's staring at the tree but not sure what she;s looking at

A wefie before we start the walk!

Beautiful venue, beautiful day

Another wefie @ the MacRitchie Nature Trail

HSBC Tree Top Walk

Nice view from tree top!

heehee... wefies 

duhz ~~ why so many upstairs one? uphill & upstairs is a killer to me =(

Halfway tru the entire trail... ... shag already

Ok lah, at least something to look at

Mel's Queen Cece pose =D

Only 7 Km .. 3 more to go! Come on Pauline, you can make it! 

Spotted a turtle suntanning

Oops... I think I'm way too slow! So slow that they're opposite me. Hahaha

Fwah.... 0.5 Km more to go!

Another view of the reservoir. I remembered there's a huge SQ logo somewhere in the middle of the reservoir donkey years ago, but couldn't find any picture of it.

Yeah! Finally done a 10 Km walk on a Sunday morning! Phew... I must say it's an achievement for me cos I've not done any trekking since I'm back from Sapa like more than 2 years ago & I've not been yoga-ing for the past 8 months! Totally shag out & calf muscle ache maximum, but for now... ... off for lunch! 

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