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Thursday, 25 September 2014


Freshen up after the afternoon swim, dropped off the nephews back to their mum & off we go for dinner at Palio

Ivy made a reservation while we were at the pool, and we were ushered to the reserved table. However, we request for a change of table cos the table was too shaky. We were then ushered to the sofa seat but oops... ... the sofa is way too low. Thus, we requested for another change of table.

Oil & Vinegar on the table. These makes very nice dip for the bun that's being served

Warm Ciabatta Bun (refillable) was being served upon seated is served with chilled tomato based pasta sauce. 

Hotel Michael Signature Pizza served with fresh seafood & super crispy crust! 

When we asked for Tabasco, this is what we get. What? So tiny it's not enough for 1 slice lah... lol

Mussel & Clams in Wine sauce served with toast underneath. Sauce is slightly spicy & sour double up as fantastic dip for the toast too

Pici con Aragostelle e Zucchine allo Zafferano (Pasta) looks very creamy, but it actually tasted quite good. Pasta on it's own is quite chewy too

Wefie before we start eating

2 more wefie before we dig in

And what's Italian dinner without Tiramisu right? I ain't a fan of it but this is quite nice, packed with fragrant espresso flavor

Molten Lava Tart with Ice Cream

Although lava didn't really flow out, the entire middle of the tart is packed with soft molten lava

We had an enjoyable evening over nice food & nice chat, and took a slow walk back to the hotel

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