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Monday, 15 September 2014

O Sushi & 1901 Hotdog

Dinner was at O Sushi, Mall of Medini cos the boys wants sushi

Green tea was served in pot, but the designs of pot & cups doesn't match =D

Daryl had quite a number of sushi, but he's too hungry he started whacking them before I can snap picture of it

Scallop taste quite weird. Like being frozen, thawed, frozen & thawed for few times

Damien also had 1 or 2 sushi before his bento is being served

I had the Spicy Hotate Ramen but well, not spicy at all. Other than that, taste ok only

Sashimi were served right on top of ice, thickly sliced & can't taste the sweetness 

Mum's Chicken Cheese Katsu bento. Chicken was quite nicely done.

Damien's Teriyaki Chicken bento, which taste pretty good. Chicken is very tender & the sauce is quite sweet

Food wasn't fantastic but the service is very prompt, probably cos there ain't much crowd. 

The boys saved some of their tummy space cos they wants 1901 Hotdog for supper!

I had the coney dog while the boys had one with cheese & bbq sauce (can't remember what's the name of this). Pretty normal, but how I wish we have more hotdog kiosks in Singapore!

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