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Monday, 15 September 2014

Pancake House International

Since it's too early to hit the Water Park, we went out to the nearby Mall of Medini for breakfast & the only restaurant that's open at 9am is Pancake House International 

Restaurant was quite decent & rather quiet when we reach. Guess we were too early =D

The happy boys cos they loves pancake

Mum & sis's must-have drink .. coffee

But erm... too bitter without sugar

The boys had Country Breakfast, which is pretty normal but they enjoyed it

Mum's Cheese Pancake

I was very excited when I see Chocolate "Lava" Pancake on the poster, but wasn't impress when it was being served. The "Lava" was actually chocolate sauce in between stacks of Chocolate Pancake. The pancake is a little too flat but taste pretty good actually. 

Haha... the boys, always eat till whole mouth so dirty!

With mum

Hot Chocolate that tasted horribly tasteless

While waiting for the right time to hit the water park 

Ok, time to hit Legoland Water Park! Let's Go! 

Pancake House International Malaysia 
Lot G10, Ground Floor Medini Lifestyle Mall
No. 4 Lebuh Medini Utara, 
Medini Iskandar Malaysia, 79250

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